My impressions about after 6 months as a reader were pretty good. I recently published a dozen or so articles and found the community very friendly and supportive.

Is it worth the five bucks a month? In my opinion, it is.

Over the years I have used very different software for my personal public content... from the early Xenolink BBS days to my latest pick: Publii (offline, template-based, static site generator). What a journey!

Social networks change the world! Sadly, not in a good way.
A bit of history for the younger among you.

People should learn a bit about e-mail… spread the link, it’s a public service you are doing. :-)

After many years, I am rebooting my personal webpage. Old content (20+ years of it, in portuguese) was deleted forever. Everything ends at some point, the old page died today... :-) A new one (in English) will be created at and as usual: no ads, no user/visitor data collection, etc.

Microsoft Edge on Linux is really good. Considering the source, I find that quite disturbing... 😕

Linux on my desktops is stable and feature rich to the point of being boring… for someone like me “solving problems” and “improving things” is part of the experience. As it stands, I have to find those challenges exclusively outside the desktop platform, which is a first… on Mac I always had to fight with apple weirdness, in particular with open source stuff and compilers toolchains. On Linux there is really no such thing…

Facebook is down. Has been down for hours. The world is a better place now…

The humble corner of my "man cave" has a Raspberry pi 400. I have spent the last few weeks using it as my main desktop machine. It's not "better", in any way shape or form, than my more muscled machines but it does the job, and that is saying a lot about a very cheap platform.

Mini-games I wrote (mostly as examples while teaching kids to code)... some classic “game & watch” remakes, a sudoku game and a narrator for “The resistance: Avalon”.

Last year I decided to film a couple of videos about coding games in the C language... so I created a YouTube channel called “Pointers”.

Got some nice user feedback. If you want love you got give a little.

Have fun coding games, it’s a great way to exercise your brain.

One final note: you can get paid by companies by using their reward systems given to people that find vulnerabilities. However, that is not a beginners game, and you are more likely to end up frustrated than anything else. It takes a lot of time and work to get good at something. Do the drill, pay the price, grind at it. If you are not going to put up the work, you may as well stop and do something else with your life.

Third step: repeat steps one and two. With new books and new challenges... Do not break the loop. Then, at some point in time, as you build your skills, you will get your opportunity to get out of your lab, into the real world, as a paid white hat and trully help someone, or some company, and get paid for it. If you start acting funny, messing around with systems you are not authorized to play with, you are probably going to end up in jail or in real trouble. Seen it happen a zillion times.

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