Last year I decided to film a couple of videos about coding games in the C language... so I created a YouTube channel called “Pointers”.

Got some nice user feedback. If you want love you got give a little.

Have fun coding games, it’s a great way to exercise your brain.

One final note: you can get paid by companies by using their reward systems given to people that find vulnerabilities. However, that is not a beginners game, and you are more likely to end up frustrated than anything else. It takes a lot of time and work to get good at something. Do the drill, pay the price, grind at it. If you are not going to put up the work, you may as well stop and do something else with your life.

Third step: repeat steps one and two. With new books and new challenges... Do not break the loop. Then, at some point in time, as you build your skills, you will get your opportunity to get out of your lab, into the real world, as a paid white hat and trully help someone, or some company, and get paid for it. If you start acting funny, messing around with systems you are not authorized to play with, you are probably going to end up in jail or in real trouble. Seen it happen a zillion times.

Second step: test stuff, reading about it and using it are two very different things, work at actually getting results. Create or download VM’s to use as targets and see first hand why bad configurations, bad practices and outdated software are real problems. In the real world you will find plenty of those...

Since I get the question pretty much every time I talk about hacking.... first step: read.

:scp: Sporting Clube Portugal and QAnon sharing the same marketing slogan really bothers me...

Apple leading on this bothers me... love some of their products, but cannot see them as paladins of freedom or decency. Sadly, world politicians were the first to fall prey to manipulated masses, so I guess having Apple is better than having no one...

One last word on BetterWB, that really helps making the old Workbench 3.1 usable...

WHDLoad is amazing. Looking at all my games in the Amiga hard drive is great. Not perfect, but nevertheless incredible. Love it. It’s the reason I am keeping this Amiga full installations. I had used it in retropie, but just seeing the games on a Workbench, makes it for me.

Today I recreated my last Amiga (4000) is FS-UAE, including taking a look at the software I loved 30+ years ago. Things did not age gracefully. CygnusED felt right, a bit weird using an editor that only works in full screen mode, but the goodies are still there (like the amazing macro system). SAS/C looks damn primitive, because it was, but I spent thousands of hours using it and at the time it was great. No so much today. AMOS professional, that I used to write two games, is a UI abomination.

Looking at a japonese guy playing a video game I wrote, over 30 years ago, in my bedroom at my parents house, on a Commodore Amiga is rather surreal... :-)

Also, I need the 16 inch. My eyesight is not what it was a couple of years back... so, guess the second generation of apple silicone is the one I will be targeting.

I know this is gonna sound really weird: For years I bought Apple hardware for OSX. Now, I use Linux most of the time, same hardware, getting new lease on life after installing Linux or running on a VM. Now, with the M1 laptops, I find myself wanting that performance/watts but the subpar Linux support is bothering me... :-/

Guess I will use OS X for a while, waiting for parallels to catch up and hoping for a solid native install with the unlikely (apple silicon) hardware support in a few years.

I know some politicians are incredibly dumb and ignorant, but this guy takes the cake: he thinks the “Paris climate agreement” is about the people of Paris.

Trump and Bolsonado do not care about COVID... the Portuguese government says “we need to control the pamdemic”. Since we (Portugal) are doing worse (than either the US or Brazil), I wonder just how bad can someone be at their job.

Seriously? We lead in stupidity when dealing with the pandemic? Beating Trump and Bolsonaro? Please, please, stop it. Now!

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